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Obsidian Blues is the first novel by Gatecrasher's lead writer and editor, Scott Miller. This free chapter will show you how we write, so you can decide whether we're a good fit for your project.

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    Scott Miller

    Lead Writer & Editor

    Gatecrasher Editorial

    Writing and More

    When you book Gatecrasher, you get a writer who loves to write. We pride ourselves on our ability to be "creative on command," which means you get us at our best, every time. Even the latest AI writing tools can't replicate a human's unique voice and creativity, so let our experts do the heavy lifting.

    Freebies and Pricing

    We offer one free half-hour coaching session whenever you book any other Gatecrasher service. Prices vary, but they're always negotiable. Below are our general rates for writing services:

    Copywriting: $.3/word
    Ghostwriting: $.4/word